As you probably know, the principal idea of aquascapes is to make an artificial world with the assistance of only natural elements stones, aquatic plants and obviously, fish. Naturally, apart from the practical function of the substrate in an aquarium, as it was stated at the onset of this article it’s also a superb means to apply decorative touches to the total appearance of the aquarium.

Along with design, freshwater aquascaping also requires specific strategies to keep healthful plants underwater. These fish enjoy plenty of living floating plants. Live aquarium plants supply a fantastic many added benefits, but they do take some additional work to maintain.

Before you get an aquarium, make a decision as to what you intend to achieve with the nano tank. You will do it in your bare aquarium, prior to starting aquascaping. These aquariums aren’t designed to look pretty but to recreate exactly, a specific habitat, which might or may not include plants or fish.

You may recreate a pure habitat if you wish. Finally, you’ll be more successful if you’re able to keep plants, fish and invertebrates that have similar needs. Driftwood and other all-natural structures compose a huge part of your aquarium.

Based on the plants you plan to grow in your tank, you need to pick natural looking gravel. So you can just go for a little bit of driftwood which can be readily found on the beach but you have to put that piece in quarantine tank for no less than a day or two and once the PH levels of this driftwood piece match by means of your Ph level of tank than you can take advantage of this driftwood. Monitor the soaking driftwood regularly to see whether the water should be changed.

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