Vario Mobil is a unique manufacturer in the world of Recreational Vehicles. If you want to discover its exceptional creations, you must see this awesome gallery of Vario Alkoven 1200 Mercedes Benz Actros.

The latest, the huge 1200 MB Actros Vario is all the rage on the Internet and social networks thanks to a tasty presentation video that you can see at the post below.

This new product in the German manufacturer’s catalog is worn by the Mercedes Benz Actros 2542 LLL. It is equipped with a slide-out lounge as well as a large rear garage to park a sports car. 26 tons asserted, this “nasturtium” like no other presents an ultra-luxurious interior.

The atmosphere offered is magnificent, this thanks to the manufacture of craft furniture, this furniture being a walnut tree of America. It combines with satin white doors and valves, giving an impression of striking contrast.

In addition, Vario Mobil uses its “vogueART” design, which means that the cabin is presented with flat, modern and stylish furniture fronts. The materials used are of an absolute nobility. For example, there is an Objectfloor floor with an expressive wood design and, above all, simple maintenance, but also Staron mineral worktops, soft leather upholstery and adjustable ambient lighting. From luxury to everything!

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